Private lessons/Specialty Classes

Hi folks, we are trying something new for 2019 and we will need your patience and feedback while we get up and running! Please let us know how this is or isn’t working on your end. Thanks in advance for your help as we work to improve our offerings.

LEVEL 2 CLASSES – are for advanced players with a minimum NTRP Rating of 3.0.

PRIVATE LESSONS: Private Lessons must be booked 24 hours in advance and any changes or cancellations must be made 12 hours before.

If you are booking a private lesson for more than 1 person, you must make sure that all of the players for your lesson are available and are prepared to pay the fee. For example, if you want a small group lesson with 3 people, you are responsible for already having 2 other people ready to book at that time to complete your group.

To book:

  1. find other players for your group unless it is a private lesson
  2. request a booking time that works for all of you at a cost you all agree on
  3. we will send you a confirmation and a link for each player to sign up and pay
  4. for FPTA paid members, we will also send coupon codes for member pricing.

SPECIALTY CLASSES: Specialty classes will be offered for individual sign-ups. Please note any requirements for skill levels.

LEVEL 1 CLASSES – are for beginners, however players should have some tennis experience and it is recommended that players participate in the free lessons or take a private lesson before attempting the specialty classes.

LEVEL 2 CLASSES – are for advanced players with a minimum NTRP Rating of 3.0.