FPTA Membership

Welcome to Franklin Park Tennis Association (FPTA)

More than a Tennis Organization!

FPTA Membership Supports Community Programs and Activities!

Your membership includes gifts (see below) and discounts to FPTA paid programs/activities.

General Membership $30
Includes: Membership Card, T-shirt

Family Membership $60
Includes: Membership Card, 2 T-shirts
(option to purchase additional shirts for family members)

Students (18 and over with ID) $15
Includes: Membership Card, T-shirt

For 2019-While supplies last, In addition to the items listed below, members will receive:

New Members choice of a tennis backpack

Renewing Members choice of a tennis club bag or a FPTA Hat. May also substitute a FPTA Polo Shirt instead of the T-shirt.

To sign up for FPTA Membership there are two steps:

  1. Complete the Online Member Application Form

Member Online Application Form 2019

2. Pay the membership fee by cash, check, money order or online with the link below.

Online Payments for Membership

***Arrangements will be made for delivery of your member gifts after completion of membership sign up.

 Our Mission Uniting Family and the Community Through the Sport of Tenn

Who We Are

Franklin Park Tennis Association lives its mission each day by providing quality tennis programs to families in Boston and surrounding areas. We strive to create a positive, safe and welcoming environment that helps to build stronger ties amongst tennis players, the community and our partners. We proudly boast about our “tennis family” which provides tennis instruction, play opportunities and competition, as well as a network of friends, support and other learning opportunities. We offer a broad range of programs to promote inclusion of all potential players and supporters. By providing a mix of free and reduced-cost programs we ensure that individuals and families who are normally under-represented in tennis, have an opportunity to try tennis with FPTA.

FPTA started in 1998 with a few tennis players and friends coming together to have the tennis courts at Franklin Park’s Shattuck Grove site renovated. These players soon thereafter organized to provide free community lessons in the park during the summers. FPTA programs have grown from a simple drop-in summer park program, to a multi-site, year-round program with several program offerings, which is still run by a group of friends and volunteers

What We Do

We Play! Most of us play tennis, but being a tennis player is not a requirement. Many just love to watch us play or simply enjoy our company when we are off the court.

We Teach! We provide tennis instruction at area parks, schools, community centers in Boston and the surrounding areas. We also teach art, computer classes and anything else we can share.

We Promote Wellness! The physical aspect of tennis is a given, but there are so many other elements of being a part of our group. We promote overall wellness of the individual, including: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational, environmental and financial wellness.

We Support! Through our network of tennis players, family, friends and the community we provide a network of support that goes way beyond the tennis court.

We Have Fun! This is by far the best part – we love to have fun! With all of life’s stressors, we promote just having as much fun as possible. Tennis, special events, karaoke, bike rides, small group excursions…all part of the routine of FPTA.

Why Should You Become a Member of FPTA?

FPTA is rolling out an official membership for the first time as part of our plan to apply for 501c3 Non-Profit Status by the end of 2014. As a non-profit, it is important to identify whom we represent and who our supporters are. Our members and their support allow us to:

  • Advocate for tennis courts and programs in our communities (i.e. court repairs) – there is power in numbers!
  • Diversify and increase our revenue streams.
  • Apply for a variety of grants not previously available to us to expand tennis and other wellness programs.
  • Purchase necessary equipment.
  • Develop jobs and train community members.
  • Increase teaching staff.

Franklin Park Tennis Association

Membership Information

Each member has an obligation to promote our Mission ofUniting Family and the Community Through the Sport of Tennis”. This mission is lived out on the tennis court and off the tennis court in any environment where we gather or where we promote FPTA as an organization. To help define what it means to be a member of FPTA, we have created the following Code of Conduct. All members must read and agree to abide by the Code.

  • FPT Membership is valid for 1 year from enrollment date.
  • Member incentives are subject to availability and may change at any time.
  • FPTA Member clothing/car stickers may be available for purchase by members for member use only and these items should not be given as gifts to non-members.

Member Code of Conduct

As members we strive to:

  • Volunteer, promote and support our FPTA quality tennis programs and activities.
  • Help to create a positive, safe and welcoming environment that helps to build stronger ties amongst tennis players, the community and our partners.
  • Promote inclusion of all groups regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, nationality, or disability.
  • Work to ensure that all potential players, but particularly those who are normally under-represented in tennis, have an opportunity to learn and play tennis with FPTA.
  • Conduct ourselves in a manner that demonstrates good sportsmanship.
  • Sportsmanlike conduct is expected of players at all times. Please refrain from poor behavior, profanity, or other verbal and/or physical inappropriateness when playing or while a spectator.

If you have any questions or comments:

Franklin Park Tennis Association, 1544 Columbus Avenue, Roxbury, MA 02119, 617-427-8900

Email: franklinparktennis@gmail.com

Website: www.franklinparktennis.org

If at this time, you would prefer to make a donation, please send to the address above.