About Us

Not Just Tennis!

FPTA is a Community Tennis Association (CTA) in Boston that strives to live its mission of “uniting family and the community through the sport of tennis” and in its efforts provides so much more than just tennis.

Volunteerism Comprised of a large base of tennis players, their family and friends, local professionals and community members, volunteerism is always a priority. FPTA seeks opportunities to reach out to community members and groups to lend a hand when they can. Recent volunteer efforts include:

❒  Assisting Urban Edge Housing with their annual Turkey Give Away (Nov 2010) and wrapping christmas gifts for youth (Dec 2010) in their housing developments.

❒  Providing volunteers for Kids’ on Campus at Harvard University (Apr 2011).

❒  Jr. Team/Jr. Coach participants provide support to FPTA programs by volunteering their time to help new and younger  players learn to play and develop a love for tennis. Additionally, they assist with arts & crafts and face-painting activities when the kids are off court.

Mentoring and Leadership Development

The vast majority of our coaches and volunteers are residents of the local community and have a vested interest in supporting the youth and families that participate in FPTA programs. Informally, the leadership will identify individuals who need additional support on and off the court and try to help. Formally, FPTA has implemented the Jr. Team/Jr. Coach program to help our youngsters stay engaged in tennis and understand that they can play a role in the development of others and in themselves.

Professional Development

FPTA seeks out and creates opportunities for its participants to develop their tennis and related skills. Through workshops on coaching, tennis rules, becoming a tennis official and teaching certification FPTA hopes to provide options for tennis players to consider in conjunction with their love for playing tennis.

Peer Support/Lifelong Friendships

Many of the founders and original players at the Shattuck tennis courts still frequent the courts and maintain their connection with each other despite the passing of time. They also reach out and engage new players and friends as part of the daily routine.

The Shattuck Grove site in Franklin Park is a safe and supportive environment – a covetable setting for players and others. FPTA is uniquely intergenerational with players ranging from 3 years old to over 80. Bonds formed on the tennis court transcend into many areas of life beyond the tennis court.

Outreach & Partnerships

Success cannot be achieved in isolation and beyond the friendships we have at the park, the organization knows the importance of having community partnerships.

FPTA History

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